Oakwood Therapist’s

Lynn Lidbury LCPC

Lynn Lidbury is the owner of Oakwoods Center.   She has been in practice for over 30 years and her gentle hearted nature brings compassion and strength to the people she serves.  Having many difficult life experiences of like serious Illness and many losses. Lynn the lived life experiences that initially brought suffering and through her own therapy and healing processes to transform the pain into Peace – Gratitude and Love.

Lynn used body based processes as a starting point to healing.  Our bodies responds to danger without conscious awareness and holds our memories and perceptions of past events.   We first need to identify the tense or tight or restricted parts of our bodies and accept and love that part of you. 
Then you learn meditations, imagery and spiritual connection to help you feel Safe and Loved.  The next step is to find the block and tensions inside the mind and body and to face them with loving support and to release and forgiveness.  

Oakwoods Center is housed in the woods and Lynn used nature
imagery to connect deeply inside your heart to heal.  

Lynn is trained in EMDR, EMDR for pain, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Reconnective Healing, Art Therapy and Family Constellations.


Jasmine Perkins LSW

Jasmine is a licensed social worker. Accepting clients in Illinois. Jasmine believes You are the driver of your own life, your behaviors, your thoughts, and your own growth.

Jasmine became a therapist due to her own personal experiences of dealing with childhood trauma and multigenerational problems that she had to overcome. It took for her to look deep within herself to acknowledge and accept her strengths. Which helped with her personal growth.

Jasmine is very motivated about helping youth find and exercise their voices, and their most authentic selves; Jasmine works to equip youth and adolescents with the tools and skills to develop social emotional learning, coping skills to manage anxiety, depression, interpersonal struggles, and many other issues which youth face day to day.

Jasmine believes as a therapist her role is to guide clients towards healing and personal growth.

Kim McArthur LSW