Oakwoods Center


Is a counseling center whose mission is to help heal the pain of the past and releasing of emotional pain. Through this process you open to the wisdom of your Heart.  We use our understanding of how the  brain works towards healing, based on the work of Daniel Seigel, Steve Porges and others.  Processes such as mindfulness, EMDR, Prayer and meditation are used to heal the brain and to access inner wisdom, Spirit or God.  We do this by helping you feel safe when confronting your pain and fears through nature imagery.

With children we use play to help them express their life experience, which brings healing.

We work with people of all ages in individual, family and couples counseling.  We work with trauma, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, ADHD, and other life struggles.

We work with people of all ages and issues. We work with relationship issues with couples and families.

Please call (708) 481-5466 to schedule a session

Insurances Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Atena, United Health Care and some Employee Assitstant programs, DCFS