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Coronavirus Covid-19 Response

March 21st 2020

The staff at Oakwoods Center is concerned about the effect of social isolation on our mental health. We need people to feel at ease and happy. The effects of Coronavirus Covid-19 is fear –
fear of the unknown – fear of death – fear of our ability to survive.  

In order to thrive, we must have our immune system working well. If you are living in a fearful state, your immune system may not be working optimally.

In order to have our immune system’s functioning well, we need to shift from fear to a sense of inner peace. How do you do that? Often people use prayer and spiritual practices, others like to go out in nature, and some like to be with people. There are many things to do like draw,  sing, act, create something. Find what you need to do to heal, to find peace. Here at Oakwoods Center we use processes like meditation and prayer to find our inner peace. Oakwoods center is offering online trainings and counseling sessions to teach you processes to help calm anxiety that bring you to a place of peace.  

Rather than yell at someone you love, start drinking or fall apart, call us at 708 481-5466. We are offering these FREE trainings starting today, March 21st, 2020.

Our therapists are here for you and we’re also able to schedule personal counseling sessions to meet with you through our online telemedicine video service (called Doxy.me) on your computer or mobile device. There are no apps or software required, all video sessions are HIPPA compliant and compatible with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance or self pay. You are not alone reach out to us today.

-Oakwoods Center Therapists