Oakwoods Center

Feeling Stuck?  Does life feel heavy and burdened?

Something is missing in your life? 

Are you frustrated with your children or a relationship?

Don’t know what to do?

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Oakwoods Center Therapists listen and much more. We use creative techniques such as meditation, breath work, play or prayer to help you move through your pain, and transform you and your families’ suffering for the better.

  Calm the racing thoughts  – Lift depression  – Release body tension –

-Listen to your own inner guidance  – Find the answers to life struggles  –


Our techniques are based on current scientific  research on  the integrative functioning of the brain


 Flexible – Adaptive – Coherent -Energized -Stable

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Lynn Lidbury is on medical leave. There are no appointments available with Lynn at this time. If you have Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO insurance from an employer, 

Kim McArthur is available for sessions. Please call the office for more information.