Yoga and Massage

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Everything you need to know is inside of you

As we move through life our bodies internalize , process and filter our experiences – mostly without our conscious awareness.  Our thoughts and feelings remained stored within us and are often the cause  of stress, as well as emotional and physical pain or discomfort.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy offers a way to explore the relationship between your body, your mind and your life in private context with a certified, highly trained practitioner.  Combining elements of contemporary body-centered psychology, PRYT facilitates the release of physical, mental and emotional tension, often resulting in increased energy.


What is a session like?

Lynn Lidbury facilitating a Phoenix Rising Session

In a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, you are guided through a sequence of careful selected, assisted yoga postures and breath work, designed to take you deeper into your internal experience.  As you are supported in the postures, your PRYT practitioner guides you in dialogue that concentrates your attention on what you are experiencing.  You are invited to explore the sensations, emotions, memories or images that are present in your body.

Each session includes an integration period, to assist you in processing your experience and exploring how you can bring your insights into actions.  

Lynn Lidbury facilitating a Phoemix Rising session.
Lynn Lidbury facilitating a Phoemix Rising session.